On the Move

August 13, 2018

Ellison Surface Technologies Challenges its Employees to Get On-the-Move!!


In the spring of 2016, EST invited its employees to participate in the On the Move Challenge, a 12-week national corporate competition. Team Ellison earned points as each employee recorded their movement and participated in on-line educational activities. EST finished in 31st place out of 84 companies! In 2017, we once again joined the national competition and again wound up in 31st place out of 84 companies and received recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Active Employers!

2018 finds us in 7th place as the competition rolls along!

This is not your typical “exercise challenge” as you are not required to complete a 10K run, join a gym or any “rules”! You are encouraged to move how you want, when you want, and how often you want! No guilt, shame or punishment! You do receive feedback form the weekly Learn, Assess, Share and Boost on-line platform.

Skeptical? You need not be an elite athlete to experience a tremendous amount of success in this competition as physical activity is one component of this challenge. With your personal on-line coach, Sean Foy, encouraging you all the way, all you need is a commitment to move a little more, engage in weekly health topics, and be willing to “boost” your teammates. Wearable devices can be synced with the platform to track your movement, but not required. You can always manually enter any activity.

This exciting nationwide workplace competition was designed by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), the nation’s premier resource for workplace wellness, to be the first of its kind to get people moving, having fun, and feeling their best.